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Europe, 1642: In the midst of the Thirty Years' War, the citizens of a small town accuse a young woman of witchcraft and would put her to the stake. The mayor and alderman, Leo Pfyffer,  sentence her to death. Only Simon, the alderman's son, comes to her defence. Can Simon overturn the judgment of his father and prevent the execution?


During the 17th century the witch hunts reached a zenith. Even in Switzerland.  countless women and men, sometimes even children, were accused of witchcraft, tortured and finally sentenced to death in a show trial. The short film HEXENWAHN – WITCH HUNT centres on just such a bitter tale.

The entire project was initiated by director and producer Jonas S. Schürch.

The short film was edited by the American-Swiss film editor Gisela Weibel (EDI & Golden-Trailer-Award winner) in Los Angeles (Trailer editing AMORES PERROS by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Trailer editing LOST IN TRANSLATION by Sofia Coppola and many others).

The film score was composed by the award winning film composer Marcel Barsotti in Munich.

Some of his most successful soundtracks were for blockbusters like POPE JOAN, DAS WUNDER VON BERN, DEUTSCHLAND. EIN SOMMERMÄRCHEN. Barsotti  also composed the soundtracks for national and international films like THE POWER, DER SEEWOLF, DOLPHINS, THE POET, OH, SHIT!, DER BIBELCODE, WO IST FRED?, DER SCHATZ DER WEISSEN FALKEN, KEBAB CONNECTION, GRÜNE WÜSTE, SIRGA, DIE LÖWIN, FÜR IMMER UND IMMER, DIE HEBAMME I & II, DAS GOLDENE UFER and many others.



Winner: Schweizer Jugendfilmtage (Swiss Youth Filmfestival)

Winner: Lucerne International Filmfestival

Court Métrage, Short Film Corner, Festival de Cannes 2013

"Witch Hunt" A Period film from Switzerland.
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